EasyLux Under Task / Night Light

Anyone Can Install!

Introducing EasyLux, easy install, under cabinet lighting. Includes powerful, re-chargeable Lithium-Ion battery, with included USB-charging cable. Mounts in seconds with included adhesive magnetic brackets. Simply peel the adhesive cover, and press firmly under your cabinet to install. The light will be held securely in place magnetically! When it's time to charge, just plug in your light to the nearest USB charger. 

Ordering available in 3-Packs only 

Comes in two sizes, 12 inch is perfect for single cabinet sizes, and 20 inches for double cabinet installations. Mix and match to fit any kitchen layout. 

Available in three color temperatures, Warm, Medium, and Cool (3000K, 4000K, and 5000K respectively.

Built-in PIR (Passive Infra-Red) allows for occupancy detection to save battery life. On-board power switch has 3 settings, On / Off / Auto. 


STEP 1: Choose Your Color

Color Temperature is measured in Kelvin. 3000 Degrees Kelvin is considered "Warmer", and the light has a more "orange" hue, like a traditional incandescent. 5000 Degrees Kelvin is considered "Cooler" and has a crisp, almost blue hue. 4000 Degrees Kelvin is a middle ground. We recommend selecting one color and sticking with it for your entire project.

STEP 2: Count Your Fixtures

We recommend using our 12 inch length fixtures for your single cabinet locations, and our 20 inch fixture for your dual cabinet locations. Count them up and add them to your cart

Light Temperature

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